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How To Hackintosh iSeries Intel PC's: Gigabyte GA-X58-UD3R Rev 2.0 + Nvidia GTX570 OSX Install Guide


At the time of updating the guide (09 Mar 2011) the latest version of MultiBeast was 3.2.0 and iBoot was 2.7. If you have a GA-X58A-UD3R-2.0 note that the latest BIOS is version FF, please download the update from the Gigabyte Website and update your BIOS to FF.

What is needed:
* iBoot 2.7
* OS…

Via How To Hackintosh iSeries Intel PC's

Oh yes!!!! Took 2hrs get this cuda hack to work. Details too follow :D

There you have it folks! The beast is alive!!!

All systems go!

As you can see from the below photos the hardware side of the build is completed, as i type this post OS X 10.6 is installing. 

At this point I would to credit my 3 sources of info.

1) NoFilmSchool, Hackintosh - This guide is awesome! really simple to follow. Infact my whole build is based around this guide. I just swapped a few bits out for newer parts.

  • The i7-930 > i7-950, GTX285 > GTX480 1.5mb
  • Antec P183 > Antec P193 i changed the case purely because the retailer i brought the other parts from didnt sell the P183
  • Power supply to a mega 1000W! 
  • Cooler H50 to H70
  • RAM 12gb!

2) TonyMacx86 - Main source for the install of OS X86 & runs an amazing forum. Learnt a lot from just reading the posts about various parts

3) Insanelymac - Another great forum. Where i found information on the GTX 4xx series cards very helpful.

Together these 3 websites are probably the only places you will need to visit. I also used youtube videos to check visual reviews of various parts and how to install them. 

Update: installation progress > 26mins. So far, so good.

Next post will be some sags I faced when installing the hardware. Keep watching folks!

Looking good!

Behold the Beast internals! A bit messy i know, will tidy afterwards

12Gb of goodness. Which body part can this be?

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